In Memory of Our Classmates
Who have left us too soon
May they be with us in Spirit
Anderson, Jeffrey
Bailey, Wesley
Banark, James
Beauchamp, Stephen
Beck, Marc
Bellows, Roger
Bennett, Thomas
Brown, Carmen (Lee)
Bruhn, Debra
Burns, Larry
Butler, Michael
Cleasby, Sheri
Don, Harry
Ellefson, Steve
Evans, Linda (Jackson)
Friedman, Alan
Goodlett, Jerry
Hollis, Randy
Hood, Debra (Coleman)
Hooi, Sam
Hudson, Twitchell
Hunter, Jennie
Jefferson, Stanley
Kinser, Jane (Garver)
Loseke, Candace
Martino, Frank
McCue, John
Mitchell, Sandra (Sinner)
Nunn-Cleasby, Sheri (Nunn)
Orand, Carl
Pane, Imelda
Pappas, Angelo
Peavy, John
Pennington, John
Peterson, Rick
Regan, John
Revord, Steven
Ross, Jeffrey
Scott-Miller, James
Stecker, Kurt
Sullivan, Carol (Wagaman)
Sullivan, Dennis
Tatum, Paul
Teamer, Osie
Tsuji, Mark
Wright, Barbara

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Roger Bellows

June 14th, 1955 - July 1st, 2011

Roger Bellows was a loving father (Nash) and husband (Laureen), caring son, dear friend and outstanding lawyer. He loved music and sports.  He loved being with friends and family. He is missed by all who knew him. Nothing is the same without Roger.  He was larger than life in many ways: his intellect, his passion, his sense of humor, his self effacement. He laughed at himself with abandone that was joyous to see. He became spiritual later in life and that helped him find peace.  He is survived by his  brother Clint.  May God bless my dearest friend.

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