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Allison Same (Latenser)
Homemaker, Community volunteer Married 2
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Barbara Sheldon (A.Egr)
Substitute teacher Married 2
Hi Everyone,
    Excited to see everyone tonight! 
    I taught first grade for 14 years and left last May.  My career highpoints were working with N.A.S.A.  Now, I will sub and travel!  I am remarried and enjoying our grandchildren and life in general!
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Barbara Sheldon (Egr)
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Barbara Berg (Glover)
Admin Assistant Married 2
I never became rich or famous.  Have not made signfiicant contributions to the world or socieity for that matter.  I have not altered my face,  my boobs or booty.  What you see is what you get.  I'm content and happy with the way my life turned out, I guess that is what it is really all about.  I married my soul mate, have 2 step children, 4 grand daughters.  A job I love at UNMC-MMI.  The best friends you can imagine.  I laugh a lot and try to keep my bitching to miniimum.  If I die tomorrow they will bury me with a smile on my face because  I am content! ... and the doctor finally adjusted my medication correctly!  :)
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Becky Rains (Baker)
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Elkhorn Public Schools Student Services Married 1
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Bonnie Kee (McMahon)
retired Married 5
My husband Dick and I had 5 children. Unfortunately we had a son pass away in 2002. Three of our children have graduated from Central High School. Our oldest daughter, Monica is married with two daughters. Joshua is married, he is an attorney in Denver. They have two daughters. Erin works for Peter Kiewit  in Accounting. Dylan works at Lincoln Financial Group. We also have a great granddaughter. We travel several times a year. We have traveled to thirty states (Hawaii, seven times) and Mexico and Canada. I have been "Retired" for 6 years and work every day on my family genealogy. Life is good. I miss seeing all of the people who came from Henry Yates Grade School and went on to Central High School. Unfortunately I cannot come to the reunion as we will be going to Canada for two weeks. Cannot wait to see the O Book!
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Bud Phillips (Furry)
Printing Married 8
It's been a great last 10 years... I lived in Seattle for 3 years, and climbed Mt Rainier twice.  Then I moved back to Minnesota, met my wife Linda, and now have a blended family including 6 grandkids. 
I used to run in my 30's, then stopped, and then restarted a couple years ago.  To keep it fresh I ran 4 marathons in one year with the next one in Omaha next month.  My unofficial goal is to run a marathon in every state. 
(My wife doesn't understand but thinks it's amazing that I can still do it)
I owned a recording business, DolceVita Audio.  Recording mostly classical music, some bluegrass.  A couple of my releases went out in worldwide distribution.
I've been in the printing industry for the past 26 years, but still don't know what I want to do when I "grow up".  I will be sooo bored when I retire!
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Bunny Shafer (Rothenberg)
Millard Public Schools Literacy Interventionist & Instructional Facilitator Married 3
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Colleen Kokrda (Endorf)
Laborer at C & D Endorf Farms/Retired Medical Technologist Married 2
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David Anderson
Accountant Married 4
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