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Freddie Manzo
Union Pacific /Conductor Divorced 3
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Gail Glover (Baird)
Flight Attendant Married 2
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Gary Harrison
DHS Married 11
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Glenn Carlson
Customer Service Manager Married 3
It will be good to see everyone.
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Grace Alexander (Stoddard)
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Human Resources Single 1
I have one daughter, Katrina, who is married to Brian and have blessed me with 3 grandchildren - Landon-4 and twins Liberty and Langley - 1.  They are my life and my joy.  I have been employed with The Schemmer Associates (an Architectural-Engineering firm) for 32 years.  I am the H.R. Manager and an associate of the firm.  I am very happy to report that I am 17 year cancer survivor.  God really was not ready for me - hope he won't be for a long time!
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Gretchen Kugel
Sr. Management Consultant Divorced
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Ivy Pickard (Hill)
Warehouse Specialist Single Again
I can't believe it has been 40 years since we graduated. I have enjoyed my life, good and bad, and God has blessed me. I retired from Qwest Communications in 2004 after 30 years, returned to the 8-5 grind in 2012 as a Warehouse Specialist for a local company, physical work which I really like.  I have traveled a bit, but spend the bulk of my time with my family and my Church, where I am part of the Praise Team. 
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Jeff Armstrong
Property Manager Divorced 2
I manage an 81 unit condo in downtown Omaha, it's an ever changing fun job.
I have 2 great daughters, who keep getting better and better. 
I'm still playing softball,,,,,if you want to play there is a great senior softball league. Very fun and competitive!
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John Barton
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Psychologist Married 2
Dear 1973 John,
As any self-respecting 18 year old would, you thought you pretty much knew it  all back then. didn't see graduating from UN-L.  I'm sure a few Central faculty would have bet their Style Books that you would never go on to earn a Ph.D. in psychology.  And from Arizona State?  That was only a team in the CWS--who would guess you'll return to teach and run the clinic there for 25 years (and counting)?     OK, you could see working with kids, but you didn't dream of being the Director of Training and Pediatric Psychology at Phoenix Children's Hospital.   You'll  prove your smarts when you marry your beautiful wife, Vickie.   You'll watch in proud amazement as the many talents of John Robert and Jordan carry them to college--at ASU.    Sure, you'll hit some bumps in the road, with 2 trips to ICU, but life with the "little family" and the various livestock will be splendid, in ways that no 18 year old could comprehend.  So step right up, your magical mystery tour awaits!   And some of those "far out" graduates of 1973 will be with you all the way.
Affectionately yours,
2013 John
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John Niemeyer
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Retired from Government Service Married 3
Hello to all ... I have been living in Yokosuka, Japan since 1990 ... In Ocotber 2017, I retired from my job as a political advisor & interpreter for U.S. Navy.  Ended up doing a little over 38 years in the Navy, both as an active-duty officer and a civil servant ... I have very fond memories of growing up in Omaha: Harrison Grade School, Lewis & Clark Junior High, Central High, and then UNO ... I remember telling a long joke as part of my speech at our Graduation Ceremony, which I think was held at the Civic Auditorium(?) ... In 1979, I left Omaha and went to "see the world" in the Navy ... and I have been MIA from Omaha ever since ... Seems like I was pretty much MIA as 1973 Class President too .... 1973 was an odd time, had the feel of the late-1960s, but had not yet developed into the disco-buzz 1970s (and of course, it was all pre-Internet times) ... Also, it was the last year of the Draft! ... and my draft card was good for going over the bridge to buy beer in Council Bluffs ....  As a retirement hobby, I keep up a couple of blogs:  and
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