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Michael Bigley
Physician-Anesthesiologist Married
Mindy Marantz
Physical Therapist Married 1
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Pam Wilson (Cenk)
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Branch Manager Married 2
Wow, 40 years of memories, how do you sum that up to share with old friends and classmates? Here we go: Lived in many places, visited many countries, have done nearly everything I wanted to do. Most importantly, I've had my high school sweetheart by my side for the entire ride. Florida has been good to us and we've been fortunate to have the kids and grandkids near us, All in good health. Wish Bob & I could be at the reunion, but life happens. Will be thinking of you all. 
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Paula Saunders
Public Defender Married 2
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Rhonda Miller (Stuberg)
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Depends on the Day.... Married 2
My life is certainly in transition at this point in time.....some good and some not so good.  But I'm sure that's true with everyone.
I got to see the Doobie Brothers a few weeks ago, so I'm mentally prepared to revert to a less complicated time in my life this weekend.  Hope you can join us!
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Ron Welton
National Accounts Executive Married 3
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Roxie Alloy (McGuan)
retired tennis mom Married 1
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Russell Shinrock
Branch Manager Married 6
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Scott Erikson
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Sheryl Brietzke
Dispatcher - UNMC Single Again 2
I'm back living in the BIG  'O' after 23 yrs....the last 10 I lived in Northern Wisconsin and it was GREAT!!
My two adult children, Damon - 39 & Erin - 32 are very successful and have made me very proud!  Damon is 'Captain' of the Trader Joes Store in the Minneapolis area and Erin is married to a wonderful man and made me Grandma in 2012 to a sweet & beautiful little girl named Lily Marie!
I am currently working as a maintenance dispatcher for UNMC here in Omaha. I am still trying to acclamate to the big city after living in a very small community (850) in northern Wisc. FYI - the town didn't even have a stop light!!
See you at the reunion!!
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