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Siouxzee Bowder (Taylor)
homemaker Married 2
I am enjoying the small town atmosphere of Nemaha County currently.  After the death of my husband in 2002, I didn't think I would be fortunate enough to find love again but the good Lord saw to that!  I am married to a wonderful guy for just about 1 year now.  We enjoy fishing, boating, family outtings, and of course each other's company. 
I survived breast cancer and am 21 years clear of that hiccup in my life.
My children ( 2 boys ) live and work in Omaha currently.  Joshua, my oldest is single and living the nuevo urban life in the Old Market.  He is Graphic Artist.
Jeremy, my youngest is a tattoo artist for Liquid Courage. He is married and has one step-daughter & hopefully one on the way!  Wooooo Hooooo !
I would like to re-connect with the classmates who also attended Dundee Elementary School.
And remember,   "love is good, sex is free, we're the class of '73 "
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Spencer Danner
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maintenance engineer Married 3
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Stan Nix
Nebraska Medical Center Single
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Sue Bowder (Taylor)
Dept. of Corrections/State of Nebraska Married 2
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Sue Bowder (Taylor)
Mailroom@ State Prison Married
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Teri Turco (Snodgrass )
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Dental clinic front office Committed Relationship 3
Hi fellow classmates.  Hope to see you all at the reunion  Send Teri a MessageSend Teri a Message
Thomas S.+Rifkin
Blissfully retired Married
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Tom Rifkin
Marketing executive Married
One of our classmates gave me grief for not providing some details, so here goes.  Still living in Minneapolis and have been for 34 years.  Still married to Diane and going on 32 years.  I was diagnosed with MS a year and a half ago and it's kind of kicking my butt. Trying to keep a good attitude and doing the correct things.  Who knows, maybe we'll kick it's butt in time.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few days.  Travel safe to all those coming back to Omaha.
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Vernnessa Allen (Price)
Economist Single Again 2
Hi, Guys. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone. It has been to long.  I left home twenty plus years ago.  As I age I find returning home very endearing.  My most fondest memories are all contained in Omaha.  My family, friends I left behind, Central high--------These days I work as an Economic Strategist for Citigroup. I have two beautiful children.  Anastasia is 23 and Akhenaton is 26 years old.  Both are single.  My daughter is finishing up her BSN and works for Mayo Clinic here in Jacksonville. My son is still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.  Lets hope it is soon.  I also sponsor two children from Kenya and the other from Egypt. Eleven and five years of age. Both girls are precious to me.  I travel frequently to Africa.  I have a second home in Egypt.  I look forward to retiring sometime in the near future and thereby, being able to spend my days, my time, traveling, writing children's books,  watching the sunset, and being at peace.  I look forward to the reunion.  See everyone there.
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Wendy (Pamela) Mullaney (Weingardt)
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Accountant Divorced 1
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